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Shooting in the streets of Paris

I was so excited when I was asked to create some promo and branding images for LAUGBIJOUX a new ceramic jewellery range based in Paris. Perfect for my aesthetic - which is all about atmosphere, romance and often has a vintage feel.

Paris is my favourite city in the world and has so many of the sorts of elements I love - old beautiful doors, amazing shop windows, cobbled streets, imaginative merchandising, history everywhere you look.

The first thing I mentioned to the client was "do you have access to any fab locations?".

Her reply was a little evasive and she suggested a nearby apartment she could hire.

"No way! I replied. We are shooting where we can include distinguishable Parisian elements."

Doesn't matter that we need a lot of close-ups - its the vibe we want as we are selling an image. Its important that we include Paris as the location.

So on arrival in Paris I immediately went scouting in the immediate area - Montmartre to find a story and some iconic elements and backdrops.

Over the next few days we interviewed models and when we agreed on them I went op shopping for the right clothes for the jewellery.

We were lucky to be shooting in low tourist season and the light was fine on some days - erring on the side of too bright. So we used a reflector and skeleton crew. I handled the styling,hair and make-up (as I often do) and my client Marie Laure was the perfect arranger of her jewellery. Minimal equiipment and just one setup up at a time.

It was full-on in terms of chasing the light and keeping the spirits of the girls vibrant. Lugging equipment and props, but we did it with one assistant and much fun was had by all.

Daily post- production was necessary to make sure we kept consistent to the theme.

I designed a temporary/intermediate website so we could test the images and decide what colours, mood, theme to go with eventually. NB this is a temporary website created by myself for the purposes of colour grading , image selection etc. etc. - the actual one is still under construction.

Next range to be shot in South of France soon.

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