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The Shadow Project is a psychoeducational coffee table book with images illustrating the shadow work of Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

It is co-authored by Ivana Dirlic Sindija (psychotherapist) and Susan L'Estrange (photographer).

It contains quotes from Jung's work and insights into the Individuation process. 

The primary intention behind the project is to highlight the importance of the psychological and spiritual practice of this inner work, especially in times of crisis.

The shadow is a hidden, “dark” aspect of the personality that the conscious ego doesn’t recognize within itself. It can be positive or negative, focused on healthy attitudes or unhealthy attitudes and responses, and it is made up of primal human emotions such as sadness, happiness, fear, despair, rage, anger, envy, disgust, greed, selfishness, desire and the pursuit of power.

Through the honesty and bravery involved in shadow work, facing the truth about oneself will translate into being authentic with others. We will no longer be driven by fear of exposure, abandonment, rejection, poverty.  We will have the strength to face whatever the world throws at us because we have an invincible inner core.

In illustrating the emotional journey of shadow work, the Shadow Project hopes to create a solution to the emotional turmoil currently at play.

The book is available for purchase. in two versions:

1. hardcover (embossed, dust jacket 30cm x 30cm. 96 pages

2. wire bound (25cm x 25cm) 96 pages. 

For a more in depth look at the book/s plus prints ( available for purchase) go to our instagram page and  linktree details for the online shop :  @shadowprojectbook

Below are some of the images and text from the book.

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