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Tweens portraits


To grab those tweens before they're young ladies I'm offering a special  fashion-style photo shoot. I chose this because its fun, decorative and gives them a chance to express their personalities. I'm styling it as a Winter theme and aim at capturing the innocence and un selfconscious qualities of the "tween" with the fun of Winter dressing!

My standard portrait sitting fee charge is  $300, and I am offering this special experience at the same price. It entails 2 hrs of shooting which incudes 3 costume changes and will give the parents 10 digital retouched and balanced images.  There are no hidden costs and no tricks to extract more money (as most photo studio deals seem prone to do)!


# (and btw. please beware of those offers .Check the number of images you will receive and read the reviews for that studio.)


This project is transparent and the offering is this:


..... to capture that last innocence of childhood before becoming teenagers.


Tweens (aged 9-12) are at a stage in their lives where they are about to enter puberty and whole lot of changes. Amongst these are: 

  • Transitioning from elementary to middle school. Change in school curriculum and structure.

  • Approaching puberty. Big changes are going to start or have already begun to happen to a tween's body.

  • Increasing responsibilities.  Tweens are often more involved in extra-curricular activities and can take on more chores and responsibilities at home.

  • Increasing amounts of homework. The homework load alone can be a big change for tweens.

So we need to grab them soon! 

What you get:


  • nd parents should be ready to help if needed. Good study habits now can last a lifetime.

You will receive 10 high res. digital images which have been balanced, enhanced and color graded.

They will be sent via google images within a week of the shoot.

Other info.

The shoot will take 2 hrs., which is longer than the standard shoot to give time to work with the subject in a slow and experiential way. This will also give the tween an insight into what is entailed in a standard professional photo shoot . 

This is a really fun experience and will have pics to remember forever!

Siblings can be part of the shoot together but that will reduce the amount of wardrobe changes and will give less time to spend with the children as individuals. 

Please call to discuss details, or email.

please email: susanlestrange@gmail.com

or call: 0412927894